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Hot lips

I really like her lips. Don't you?
IT is kind of boring if you don't experiment. So I tried making lips. Previously, the lips were just a simple stitch or two in pink embroidery thread.

I made the structure of the head from winding many layers of wool over a small bit of foam, Then I wrap the ball with at least two layers of polyfoam wadding. I then insert ball into a net tubing. Tie a string round the ball somewhere in the middle. This will form the forehead and the eyeline. Next, tie a string round the ball to form the chin.So now, you are ready to needle sculpt the features like the nose and the puffy cheeks.
But from now on, lips are going to look a lot more like lips. First, you bunch up a small bit of fold for the lower lip. You stitch the fold in place. The upper lip is trickier. You add a tiny bit of wool (I bought mine from Daiso, those for needle felting) as the upper lip. Jab your felting needle over it repeatedly, till it sticks. Try to mould it as you jab.

Pull the doll skin over the face, taut so that all the features show clearly.  

For the hair, I first crotchet a skull cap and then sew it onto the scalp. Next, I hook long strands of wool onto the cap, in concentric circles.

Voila, here's the finished head. A step nearer to those art dolls featured in Etsy? No?


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