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Pixie, 22 inches tall. 
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Mich, full or mischief

Mich, a regular tomboy who skins her knees all the time. Hair made of acrylic wool, hooked onto crocheted cap. This time round, instead of a round cap, I crocheted a cap which forms a hairline.

Little Lulu

Little Lulu is just about two inches tall, ready for the next flea market. Made her hair from pink and gold satin ribbons. Second attempt in making hair this way. Some ribbons are easier to unravel and I was lucky to have some broad pink ones on hand -- a breeze to pull the horizon strand, leaving the vertical ones as silky hair.

Sweet polka dots

This is another 18-inch doll I made. I believe she is extremely huggable. Trying to use up all the black wool from my last doll. I found that when I tried to trim the hair, the cut off bits tend to cling to the face.  But it was okay as you could brush them off with a towel :) Or perhaps you can try the sticky tape! When I was a kid, tiny polka dotted materials were my favourite. I still like them today.

Little Shan Shan, samfoo doll

This is the biggest doll I have made so far, almost 18 inches. I love making the shoes, crocheted with soft cotton yarn. The look was based on a description my friend gave -- her first doll that she bought with her own money when she was a kid. 

Pretty in pink

This little girl is about six inches tall. I haven't got a name for her yet. Any ideas? :) Took me an afternoon to complete. Pig tail added after hair (brushed out crocheted cap) was sewn onto head. Tights made from a sock. Scarf made from a bit of lace. Bonnet and sweater knitted. 

Cheeky checks

Adding the lace at the hem makes a lot of difference, I think. And this is the first time I tried making a boy doll. The hair was easy -- I just crocheted a cap with yarn that has tufts of hairy bits and then sew it onto the head.