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Sisters in crime

These two are thick as thieves. Please notice the hair highlight I gave to the girl on the right! Awesome, no?
This is rather small, my second attempt, just about four inch tall.
OKAY, they haven't committed any crime. But these two look inseparable, and a wee bit mischievous.

I didn't give them away because their hands are way too long. They look all right before I stuffed them. But they grew and grew. I attached them to the body anyway. But in the end, I just couldn't bear it and snipped off a little from the arms of one of the dolls and sewed up the openings later. You can see a little of the raw edges (doll above, left).

I left the hands of the other doll gangly because they are just nice for draping over her good friend.

You may perhaps noticed that I have progressed to giving my dolls a nose :)

Hair is much more manageable now. Peviously, I attached the hair by first creating stitches in concentric circles round the head, and then attaching the hair to the stitches, one by one, using a crotchet needle. The result wasn't excellent because there are gaps in between and you can see the "scalp".

For the three dolls here, I crotchet a sort of skull cap, and then hook the hair onto the skull cap. A lot of patience needed, but you can do this while watching TV. The best part is styling the hair after you have hooked on all the strands. You can braid them into two pigtails, or you can tie them into a pony tail. So fun!


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